DCON Renovations & Remodeling is ready to fulfill all your contracting needs. Whether you’re looking for a few helpful tips or need an experienced professional to fully manage a project — we’ve got the tools and experience to guarantee success. We are fully licensed and insured with years of experience in construction and all types of remodeling. We offer a variety of services as well as custom projects for clientele who are looking to expand their project outside the traditional renovations scope. Our team of construction experts are ready to help you create a home you will fall in love with. Browse through our services below, and get in touch for an estimate today.

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It’s All In The Details

The interiors are a very important aspect of the house in which one’s attention naturally tends to gravitate while affecting the mood of a person accordingly. A house which has the right interior design will be enticing and lift the spirits of those entering the house, every time they step inside. Quality of life is essential. We can help you create a quality home where you can feel it!

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Customized to Your Preferences

Exterior renovations that are executed with proper planning can give the face of your house a completely redesigned look altogether.  Even a simple replacement of the windows and Entrance door can make a remarkable difference. A quality renovation will help give off an impression that lasts and investment in your home’s overall value too!

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Making Use of That Extra Space

We are a one-stop solution for all home extension services. We have a multitude of highly-skilled personnel to cater to all the different types of home extension projects in New York City. Our team can help you get the drawings prepared by a qualified architect if needed and then transform your plans into a reality. Our goal is to create a quality experience that is smooth, enjoyable, and successful!

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The Heart of Your Home

We not only give a brand new and modern look to your kitchen, we add a bit of spice to it. We work with each Client individually to create the custom kitchen they’ve dreamed of to suit their taste and style. From choosing cabinets to appliances, we are here to guide you through it all and bring you all the resources to get it done with ease.

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For Your Own Personal Spa

Today a bathroom consists of more than just a bathtub and toilet. There are so many varieties of modern technology for showers, vanities, bidets and much more. The options are endless. If you are ready to transform your bathroom to create your own personal spa or simply upgrade the appearance for a fresher look, we are here to help you make that happen.

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Customized to Make it Yours

We are equipped with the expertise necessary to coordinate and supervise apartment remodeling projects in your co-op or condo in New York City. Whether your remodeling plans are limited to a kitchen or bathroom upgrade or include a whole apartment renovation, we have the knowledge and skills to transform your dreams of a renewed living space into reality.


Manhattan - Brooklyn - Queens

Discover a host of renovation services throughout the city of New York where our clients create beautiful living spaces. We serve a variety of neighborhoods in and around Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. Each neighborhood and specific street has it’s own personal style that we love to include throughout each project. Discover how you can update your home while still preserving the original style and personality. We provide leading contracting services for whatever you may need. We pride ourselves on top quality service and customer satisfaction. Our clients belong to a wide range of industries, so we have a lot of experience in a diverse set of projects. We offer complete flexibility in any project and want your dreams to become a reality. Reach out to us with any questions – we look forward to hearing from you!


Here at DCON, we are continually advancing our strategies and skill set to meet the growing need for construction and renovations. We are a New York based, construction company specializing in high quality renovations and remodeling services.